6 Best Toy Stores In Canada

best toy stores in canada

We set out on an adventure into the magical world of toys, visiting the top toy shops across Canada. Every store, from quaint local boutiques to enormous emporiums, offers a distinctive shopping experience, guaranteeing kids of all ages find the ideal toy. So let’s explore the best toy stores in Canada and where people’s hopes and imaginations might soar.

Children and adults alike have always had a particular place in their hearts for toys. They inspire creativity, spark the imagination, and offer numerous hours of fun.

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Mastermind Toys; second best toy stores in canada

mastermind toys canada

Since its establishment in 1984, Mastermind Toys has delighted both kids and parents. It is a well-known Canadian chain. This nationally recognized toy retailer has more than 70 locations and carries a wide range of high-quality games, puzzles, and toys for kids of all ages and interests.

Mastermind Toys stands out for its dedication to selecting toys that foster learning and development. They place a strong emphasis on imaginative play, creativity, and educational play, making it a popular choice for parents looking for toys that are entertaining and educational for their kids. Mastermind Toys is a paradise for individuals looking for the ideal fusion of amusement and knowledge, offering anything from vintage wooden toys to the newest STEM kits.

Kaboodles Toy Store

Kaboodles Toy Store

Kaboodles Toy Store, a charming family-run store that is situated in the center of Vancouver, has been enthralling young people for more than 30 years. Kaboodles offers a magical shopping experience for kids and families with its imaginative storefront and carefully curated collection of toys.

The unusual and inventive toys that Kaboodles sources come from all over the world. Each product in the shop represents the dedication of the owner to encouraging children’s creativity and playfulness, from unique dolls and plushies to educational games and artistic kits. Every visit to Kaboodles is an exciting trip thanks to the staff members’ enthusiasm for toys and willingness to provide individualized recommendations.

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The LEGO Store;best toy stores in canada

LEGO store canada

LEGO has stood for imagination and limitless construction possibilities for years. All ages of LEGO fans may enjoy an immersive experience at The LEGO Store, which has several sites across Canada. This shop is a wonderland for individuals who love to build, create, and fantasize, with everything from classic LEGO brick sets to limited releases.

The LEGO Store offers more than just merchandise; it also often holds build events, workshops, and exhibits that feature remarkable LEGO sculptures. Kids may use their imagination to the fullest as they interact with life-sized LEGO figures and add to the store’s ongoing LEGO projects. Dreams materialize there one brick at a time, and creativity is celebrated.

Additionally, The LEGO Store is a real treat for LEGO fans of all ages. And can be considered one of the most popular and best toy stores in Canada and the word

Mrs. Tiggy Winkles

Mrs. Tiggy Winkles stands out for its dedication to diversity. In order to make sure that every child feels noticed and cherished, the store provides a wide variety of toys that represent different cultures, abilities, and backgrounds. Mrs. Tiggy Winkles is more than simply a toy shop; it’s a place where families can choose toys that honor the individuality of every kid and reflect their values.

Mrs. Tiggy Winkles has been delighting families in Ottawa and the surrounding areas as a well-known and adored toy store for more than 40 years. Stepping into Mrs. Tiggy Winkles is like visiting a fantastic wonderland filled with toys, games, and presents for people of all ages thanks to its vibrant and welcoming storefront.

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Scholar’s Choice

Scholar’s Choice

For parents, teachers, and caregivers looking for educational materials and age-appropriate toys, Scholar’s Choice is the go-to place. Over the course of more than 75 years, Scholar’s Choice has supported children’s learning and development with facilities all over Canada and a strong online presence.

Toys for various ability levels and topic areas, such as language development, arithmetic, and fine motor skills, are available on the store’s shelves. Children are given the resources they need through Scholar’s Choice to succeed academically and creatively, from interactive novels to hands-on learning kits.

Additionally, Scholar’s Choice has established itself as a reliable source for teachers, parents, and carers. The store offers a variety of educational resources, teaching tools, and classroom supplies in addition to its large assortment of toys and games.

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Cherry Bomb Toys

Cherry Bomb Toys

Cherry Bomb Toys is a toy store that appeals to both children and adults and is situated in Victoria, British Columbia. This one-of-a-kind store offers a veritable gold mine of exceptional findings and vintage memorabilia and specializes in vintage and collectible toys.

Customers can browse through a sizable selection of vintage action figures, comic books, video games, and other pop-culture items at Cherry Bomb Toys. It is a mecca for toy fans and collectors who want to relive their youth or add new treasures to their priceless collections.

Collectors and fans maintain a particular place in their hearts for Cherry Bomb Toys. Those who treasure the memories of their childhood and are looking for uncommon and difficult-to-find things are drawn to their focus on vintage and collectible toys.

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