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According to MarketWatch, product testing services are predicted to rise at a 15% annual rate. Customer input, a creative culture, teamwork, staffing, communication, and time/budget are all critical key elements for product success.

Best Programs 


  • Influenster

Influenster is another amazing product testing website where you can test products and earn freebies. You will receive VoxBoxes, which are free themed boxes that contain products for evaluation. At the present, the VoxBoxes are only sent to reviewers in the United States and Canada. However, regardless of where you live, you can join the product testing community.


Product categories include beauty, personal care, infant and toddler, healthcare, and cuisine.

Sign up for Influenster using an email address or a non-personal social media account. As a product tester, you can ask for and submit product reviews, make a list of favourite products, and share product photographs on social media.

  • Social Nature 

To become a member, you must first create an account by providing your email address. You should choose a product that interests you and click the WANT button. They will mail you the goods, which you must try and review on your social media account.

You may review new natural brands on Social Nature. Signing up for the programme allows you to try and review new products. You can review a large number of products on the internet.

Product categories include food and beverages, health and beauty, household, infant, and pet products.

  • UserTesting 

UserTesting has been providing client feedback testing services since 2007. You will be required to take a sample test based on your profile and demographics. If your answers meet the criteria, you will be hired as a tester. The product tester can come from anywhere in the world. To become a product tester, all you need is a PC, a webcam, and an Internet connection. 

Sign up by giving your email address and taking a practise exam. If you are found to be eligible, you will receive an email with information regarding product testing opportunities. You have the option to provide feedback on the products you use. You will be paid a week following the test. Ford automobiles, CBS news website, Adobe software, Facebook, and Home Depot are examples of testing things.

  • Brooks 

Brooks’ website is designed for fitness enthusiasts who wish to try out the most recent running shoes and apparel. You will be given the equipment to test in the sun or snow during your morning chores.

Sign up for and submit a Brooks Product Testing Application. If you are found to be eligible for product testing, the company will contact you. They will expect you to deliver an objective review of sports shoes and apparel as a tester. The information will be used to improve Brooks Sports products.

Brooks running shoes, Brooks treadmill shoes, and Women and Men sports gear are examples of testing items.

  • PINCHme 

PINCHme is now accepting applications from US residents who want to test and review various consumer products. You will be able to test out products from top brands for free. After you become a PINCHer, you will be sent free samples to evaluate.

Sign in with your Facebook account or create a new one by providing your name, email address, password, birth date, gender, and zip code. You can select which samples to include in the PINCHme box. They will transport free samples to your area. In exchange, you must provide specific comments on the product.

Items tested include Mars chocolate, L’Oreal cosmetics, Ricola Herbal Immunity, Purina ONE, Zuke Fillets for dogs, and Biore baking soda.


By providing your honest opinion, you can also get paid to evaluate products and receive free items from well-known brands. Many people all over the world are becoming “product testers” for market research firms.

While there are numerous paid product testing and survey sites, not every website pays for testing products and services.


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