Make money delivering medical supplies.


On a daily basis, medical supply couriers transmit lab specimens, medical documentation, test results, drugs, medical supplies, and other types of records across the country. In most circumstances, such resources are critical to advancing medical science and saving lives.
Medical couriers typically operate as independent contractors, giving them the ability to maintain a flexible life/work balance and regulate their own schedules.

Companies actively seeking medical couriers

  • Go Share
    GoShare connects van and vehicle owners with individuals and businesses in need of on-demand hauling, delivering, and relocating. Their award-winning web and smartphone apps simplify and expedite last-mile home relocation, logistics, and delivery.
    The average hourly wage for cargo van and pickup truck projects accepted by GoShare is $70 to $105/hr. That is around ten times the minimum salary. Couriers at GoShare make roughly $45 per hour, and box trucks make about $168 per hour. Couriers also get to keep all of their tips. This is far more than the majority of app-based delivery gigs. DoorDash pays “Dashers” between $10 and $11 per hour. Lyft and Uber drivers typically earn between $14 and $15 per hour, while other data suggests that the average is as low as $3.37 per hour!
  • CBDriver
    CBDriver is a driver network with driving possibilities nationally for independent contractors with their own vehicles such as Box Trucks, Covered Pickups, Sprinters, Cargo Vans, Minivans, SUVs, and Cars.
    To get their cars moving, independent contractors can use their internet system to publish Driver Available Ads. They allow drivers to market their businesses by putting a Driver Profile in their searchable database, which is used by businesses around the country looking for professional couriers who own their own vehicles.
  • Drop Off
    Dropoff is a very new firm, having been created in 2014. They enjoy hiring University of Houston grads, with 25.0 percent of their workforce having attended the university.
    Dropoff is a service that provides same-day delivery. They assist businesses in responding to rising customer demands with their intelligent logistics platform, which is designed to streamline operations and provide a better experience for their end customers.
    They can deliver anything from letters to 500-pound pallets using vans, trucks, and vehicles.
  • Frayt
    Frayt’s delivery software enables independent freelancers to set their own timetables and work for themselves. Simply download their driver app, fill out their application, and start driving right away if authorised.
  • Dispatch
    Being a Dispatch Courier Partner is a great way to expand your business. If you only handle deliveries for your company, that’s fine, but your best bet is to become an independent contractor with Dispatch.
  • Diligent
    Diligent Delivery Systems has delivery driver positions available in national, regional, and local markets. They are continuously looking for Owner-Operators/Independent Contract Drivers who want to make money transporting goods or parcels.
  • Associated Couriers
    Customers can choose from a variety of delivery alternatives thanks to the company’s hub offices located throughout the South, Midwest, and Northeast. They provide logistics and delivery services for Life Sciences, Pharma, Radiopharma, and Medical in practically every major city in the territories they cover.
    Associated Couriers is always looking for independent contractors to conduct courier services. Check them out if you have a late model, in good condition automobile!

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Qualifications for becoming a courier include:

* A clean driving record and a valid driving licence are required.
* Basic technological skills – you are comfortable using applications and a smartphone.
* Knowledge of the city in which you will be working. Courier drivers must be at least 21 years old.
* A less than ten-year-old inspected, insured, and registered van, SUV, or vehicle.


Finding a reliable medical courier firm to work with is the first step in becoming a courier. Once you’ve found one, simply complete their training programme and pass all needed examinations. You’ll be able to start making deliveries once you’ve been certified by that company.

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