How long does goat take to ship?


With the amount of quality control that GOAT provides, it’s only logical that so many people want to buy from them. However, because GOAT works with multiple providers, delivery of GOAT orders may vary. If you’ve placed an order, you’ll want to know how long it will take GOAT to send your product.

How long does it take for GOAT to ship internationally?

International shipping takes anywhere from 10 to 25 days, depending on a variety of circumstances. GOAT receives your order from the item provider in five days. They will then double-check and prepare it for shipping. They ship as soon as they have been verified and prepared.

While worldwide shipping on GOAT is projected to take 10 to 25 days, this can vary based on region and local legislation.

How long does it take for GOAT to ship locally?

Because GOAT is situated in Culver City, California, all shipping within the United States is considered local.

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The time it takes GOAT to ship your goods locally is determined by the category of items you purchase. Typically, the platform splits commodities into two categories:

  • Items that are standard: This category contains all goods that are not labelled “instant” on the website. Items ordered in this category must first be validated and approved by GOAT before being dispatched to you.
  • Items available immediately: All items in this category are transported directly from GOAT’s facilities to you once you place your order. Regular shipments of items in this category take 3-5 working days to arrive. To begin counting from the same day, you must finish your order by 11:00 a.m. PT.


One can avoid GOAT delivery delays by doing the following:

  • Finish Your Order During Working Hours

All of the aforementioned time estimates are in business days. Because GOAT employees are only available during business hours, order preparation and validation can only take done within these hours.

If you’re ordering from somewhere other than the West Coast of the United States, make a note of the Pacific Standard Time and use it to get faster processing and shipment.

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  • Input All Essential Details Accurately

The platform will ask for information such as your shipping address, payment information, and billing address when you place your order. 

Filling out any parts with incorrect information may cause your order to be delayed in processing. Even if it does not, it may result in delivery to the erroneous address.

  • Choose a Shipping Method That Suits Your Requirements

You will be asked to select your chosen shipping option during the checkout process. Select the shipping type that best meets your requirements. If you need your item urgently, select expedited shipping at the checkout.

Is it possible to track my order on GOAT? 

Yes. You can always track your order with the GOAT app. To see the whereabouts of your order, log in to your account on the GOAT app, go to the order tab in your profile, and enter your order tracking number.

There are also various third-party websites for tracking orders, and you can use one of them to follow the whereabouts of your order. It takes three working days for your ordered item to be shipped to GOAT’s firm for verification and approval. They will then begin shipping to you.

What Happens If a Seller Doesn’t Ship Your Order?

Sellers dispatch your order to GOAT in three working days. If a seller does not delivery your items within this time frame, GOAT will cancel your order.


GOAT, although being an E-commerce platform, has become one of the most trustworthy venues for buying and selling trainers and other sportswear. The platform ships from the United States to any location on the planet. Its ideology is based on prompt delivery, hence it goes to great lengths to achieve it.

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