Textbroker alternatives for writers.


As an expert writer with a thorough awareness of the freelance business, I understand the necessity of finding appropriate platforms for publishing your work and producing cash.

While Textbroker is a popular alternative for many freelance writers, it is critical to explore other channels to develop your portfolio and vary your writing chances.

Important Alternatives 

  • Verblio

Verblio describes them as the “simplest, most flexible freelance writing gig.” This is a writing platform, though, that wants you to do more than just write. They prefer that you have experience with content marketing and SEO.

Once accepted as a content writer, you can choose from a number of orders or write on-spec material (content that you write in the hopes that someone will eventually buy it, but you aren’t paid for it until then) for clients to buy.

  • Content Gather

You must first fill out an application before you can begin writing here. Once inside, you’ll notice that there are two ways to gain money.

The first step is to generate whatever type of material you want and then sell it on their marketplace. Those in need of content can then come here and purchase your pre-written articles.

The second option is to select from custom jobs provided by clients. Your profits will begin at $0.01 per word in both circumstances.

  • BKA Content

This service differs from Textbroker in that you will also write E-commerce listings in addition to blog posts and articles. They also require their authors to commit to writing at least 1,000 words per week.

BKA Content pays $8-14 per hour, or around 1.5-5 cents per word, rather than per word. To begin working for this company, you must score at least 80% on their 20-minute exam.


  • Contently

You should wait to apply for this content company till you have excellent writing talents. However, if you’re just getting started and need a somewhere to host your portfolio, this is an excellent option.

You can construct a portfolio here to share your writing samples with the many places you apply to work for. When you’re ready to apply at Contently, you’ll need to fill out an exhaustive application in which you’ll share this writing sample with them.

  • Word Agents

Here you’re asked to write SEO content that helps clients rank better in the search engines.

Word Agents, unlike Textbroker and some of the other services on this list, will assign you themes to write about. Many freelance writers find it beneficial because of the income ($0.03 per word).

Before applying, exercise caution and ensure that you are willing to agree to a 90-day probationary period.


  • iWriter

iWriter is a content mill similar to Textbroker where both native and non-native English speakers can find work.

This content mill operates on a star ranking system, with more stars awarded based on client happiness. The more stars you have, the more money you’ll make, although it’s difficult to make a fair income at first.

A content mill like this one could be a good location to obtain writing experience. Unlike Textbroker, there is an application process and it may take up to a week to hear if you are accepted to write for them.

  • Writer Access 

Writer Access is another well-known site similar to Textbroker. Although anyone can apply for Writer Access, acceptance is not assured. Applicants are hand-vetted based on their résumé and samples of freelance writing.

However, you should still apply to write for Writer Access because you may establish your own fees and earn more money writing.


There are several reasons why you might be looking for alternative sites to Textbroker.

Maybe it’s because they only hire authors from the United States, or maybe you just want to make more money as a writer. Textbroker is one of the largest content mills available, and there are undeniably numerous advantages to working on the platform.

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