Nike product testing jobs: How to get free Nike shoes.


Testing things in exchange for cash or kind is a popular way to receive free stuff, and Nike product testing is no exception.

Even major brands have programmes that pay people to evaluate their items, which range from the most recent sweat-proof clothing to the most recently launched running shoes.

What is the Process of Nike Product Testing?


First, apply on their Product Testing page. Following that, you’ll be asked simple, precise questions about oneself, such as what products you’re interested in (apparel, footwear, or both), your age, gender, height, weight, clothing size, and shoe size.

They will all be used to assess your suitability to be a product tester.

If Nike agrees to use you as a product tester, you will be issued a test packet with detailed instructions.

 Then test the product according to the instructions, provide your feedback via their website, and are asked to return the product that was sent to you.

Nike pays in cash?


One will receive free Nike shoes for a period of several months to a year. That’s not bad, especially since you’ll be using it extensively during the testing period.

In certain situations, testers aren’t even needed to mail back the Nike products, so you can think of them as remuneration for your time and effort.

You do receive first dibs on Nike things, sometimes even before they hit the market. Those anticipating cash, prizes, or other forms of recompense from the Nike testing programme should be aware that they will not be compensated in cash.

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Location 

The Nike product testing programme was formerly only offered in six countries: the United States, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Canada, and China.

It is now available in the United States and 37 other countries.

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  • Age 

Nike categorises its product testers into three sections on its product testing page: Adults (18 and up) and teen athletes (13 to 17 years old) and Children (12 and under, application submitted by parent/s). 

  • Hobbies and Sports 

You will first be asked the categories you are interested in. Basketball, Jordan, Golf, Men’s Training, Women’s Training, Running, and Sportswear (Lifestyle/Casual Wear) are available for purchase.

They have footwear for American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Men’s Training, Women’s Training, Running, Skateboarding, Sportswear (Lifestyle/Casual Wear), and Tennis.

After you’ve built your product tester profile, you’ll be asked more specific questions.

  • Body Dimensions

Should one apply to be a Nike tester, you will provide your height, weight, and body measurements so that the company can send you the proper products.

Don’t be concerned if you lack an athletic physique. Nike “hires” testers of all sizes and shapes.

What happens if I qualify to be a product tester?


If Nike determines that you are eligible, you will be alerted via email to receive a shipment in the mail, which should arrive within 7 to 10 business days.

Keep an eye out for a survey form or additional instructions.

You can acquire free Nike shoes or gear without paying anything, but you must follow the guidelines exactly as described.

What is the time commitment required to become a Nike Product Tester?


Remain patient as being considered for a Nike testing programme can take weeks or months.

Furthermore, you may or may not be the suitable candidate for one programme but be ideal for the next.


Typically, you’ll have to return the shoes to Nike, which will analyse them and use the feedback you supplied to enhance the product before it’s released. Nike checks the profiles of all its product testers at the end of each year to determine whether your “performance” throughout the testing period is sufficient to renew or terminate your status as a product tester.

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