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Simply put, Quora is a Q&A website. It has a communal vibe similar to Reddit, and it resembles old Yahoo forums. On Quora, anyone may answer questions.

Famous entrepreneurs, actors, notable investors, you name it – you’ll discover answers on the platform from a diverse spectrum of people.

The Structure of an Ideal Quora Profile


First impressions, like everything else in life, are crucial. It is a waste of time to leave your profile blank or to not optimise it.


Here are some crucial suggestions for making your profile stand out from the crowd – yet this is an area that is sometimes overlooked; 

  1. Emphasise the essentials: at the beginning of your profile, identify your most significant achievement, a product/service you offer, or what you do. The higher the ‘above the fold’ position of the CTA, the more likely it is to be clicked.
  2. Include links: Include connections to places where people can learn more about what you do and what you’ve accomplished, such as your website, throughout your bio.
  3. State your areas of expertise: Make it obvious on your profile what you specialise in and offer links to articles as proof. If you mention you’re a public speaker, include links to some of your speeches.
  4. Complete all of your credentials and highlights: Because your credentials will appear at the top of your responses, make sure you have a comparable credential to establish your authority in that field if you answer questions on a wide range of topics.

Magnetic Content Creation

  1. Be genuine. Be unique: If you truly don’t know much about a topic, choose one that is more relevant to you. It’s easy to read someone else’s input and simply rephrase what they’ve said; nevertheless, it’s critical that you give your own unique thoughts and viewpoints that will add value to the reader. If you are spending far too much time seeking an answer to a topic, it is most likely not in your area of expertise. Of course, some research is necessary to ensure that your claims are correct and data-backed.
  2. Look at the other answers: Before you start writing, look to the top performing answer and ask yourself, “Can I add something different?”


  1. You may now uncover your ‘value contributing’ areas, for example, by spending an hour perusing Quora for topics/writers/answers that resonate with you.
  2. However, you could also identify some exceptional authors in the areas you want to write about and ‘switch on notifications’ to be notified whenever they answer a question.

Content Structure – Conclusion 

The appearance of the content on devices is critical, as it is with all digital copies. Here are some guidelines for framing your Quora replies.

Write exactly like you speak. Don’t write in an academic tone: In school, we are taught to write in lengthier paragraphs. When it comes to Quora, though, you should keep each paragraph short – 1 to 4 lines.

Avoid writing pieces that are too brief: Aim for solutions that are between 300 and 1000 words long.

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