How to get a credit card with no credit history

Introduction (Credit Card for No Credit History)

Credit invisibility can make activities like getting a credit card or a loan more difficult or expensive.

People with no credit history may want to apply for a secured credit card, student credit card, or retail shop credit card to assist them develop and build credit. 

Responsible credit use can help you build your credit history. And, once you’ve established a credit history, you may discover that you have more possibilities the next time you apply for a credit card.

Why is credit history important?

A lack of credit history does not imply that a person is financially irresponsible. However, without an established credit history, lenders may be unable to identify a person’s credit risk.

Being credit invisible might present certain difficulties, including:

  1. Loan and credit approvals
  2. Car insurance premiums
  3. Employment applications 
  4. Loan conditions


What exactly does ‘no credit history’ imply?

You may not have a credit history if you’ve never had a credit card or loan. That means you haven’t used credit or a lender hasn’t reported your debt management to at least one of the three major credit bureaus: Equifax®, Experian®, and TransUnion®. People with no credit history are sometimes known as credit invisibles.


How to Apply for a Credit Card When You Don’t Have a Credit History

Once you’ve decided on the type of first-time credit card you want to apply for, here are some actions you should take:


  1. Determine where you will apply

Applying for a credit card online may be the quickest and easiest choice depending on the provider. However, you can also apply in person, by phone, or by letter. 

  1. Put together your bio data

When you apply for a credit card, issuers will ask for information such as: Full name, Social Security number, Date of birth, Address and Income.


  1. Keep an eye on your credit. 

If you are authorised for a credit card, you must keep track of your credit. It’s also a good idea to check your credit reports frequently when you’re developing credit through prudent use, such as making payments on time each month. 


In a nutshell, credit cards for those with no credit history.

Getting authorised for a card is only the first step. Whichever one you choose, it’s a good idea to use credit responsibly, such as making at least the minimum payment on time every month. If possible, pay off the debt each month to prevent interest costs.

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