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We’ve all had issues with Google Play at some point. Every app has problems. Few things, however, are more infuriating than attempting to download a new app only to have your download pending indefinitely. Here are some popular solutions to the dreaded Play Store download pending error and other frequent issues.

How to Troubleshoot the Play Store Download Pending Error


Examine your storage and SD card

A shortage of storage on your phone or SD card is a typical cause of Google Play issues. When attempting a download, you should usually receive a notice if your storage is low. You may, however, do a handful of things to ensure that storage is not causing the download to stall.

Check the amount of storage you’re using:

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Enter Storage.
  3. This page will show you how much data you have available to you.

Use your browser to download apps.

To download applications to your phone, you do not need to use the Google Play Store app. That is the cloud’s beauty! Downloads can be started from any browser, including a PC.

Reboot your device.

If you’re not downloading anything and your connection is stable, but your download is still pending, consider rebooting your device. It may be another obvious step, yet it is surprisingly effective.


Check your internet connection.

This should always be one of your first actions, as the problem may not even be with the Play Store. It’s usually a good idea to check your internet connection.

If you’re utilising mobile data to download apps from the Play Store, that could be the issue. To avoid exceeding your internet cap, the Google Play Store may be banning downloads over cellular connection. You can configure the Google Play Store to download apps independent of network circumstances.


Switch Google accounts

Removing or switching the Google account connected with the Play Store is another way that may assist you in avoiding the download pending issue.

Examine the system for updates.

Are your downloads still stuck in limbo? Sometimes an update or security patch is all that is required.


How to Update an Android Device:

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Enter System.
  3. Choose System update.
  4. Select Check for updates.
  5. Follow the on-screen directions to complete any outstanding upgrades.

Reset factory data( Last Resort)

If everything else fails, perhaps you should press the red emergency button you’ve been avoiding all along. A factory data reset will clean your phone and restore it to its original state (at least in terms of software). All of your images, videos, and other files will be destroyed as a result, so make a backup before conducting a factory data reset.

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