Get paid to review restaurants.


It is possible to be compensated for meal reviews.

If you enjoy food and enjoy sharing your ideas and opinions about it, you can absolutely get compensated.

Top Businesses That Pay for Food Reviews

  • Travel + Leisure

The aim of this publication is that the majority of people who travel on vacation want to have a dining experience as part of their vacation.

The dining adventure might take you everywhere from New York City to Shanghai.

Food evaluations might range from an individual’s experience in a neighbourhood eatery to the most exquisite culinary delights.

If you are accepted to write for this publication, you will be paid between $.20 and $2.00 per word.

  • Eater

This written journal focuses on how our dining experience overlaps with different cultures.

The writing is inspired by the writer’s travels, through movies and television, trends, politics, and how people cook and eat at home.

The suggested pitch for writing or submitting an article for this company should represent the individual’s writing style.

If you are accepted to write for this publication, your compensation rate will range from $.07 and $.67 per word.

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  • Eating Well

This publication is all about eating nutritious, healthful meals.

This magazine’s purpose is embodied in its motto, “Where good taste meets good health.”

They are looking for articles about how to eat cuisine that is not only nutritious and delicious, but also excellent for them.

This is the only national food magazine whose sole concentration is on healthy eating.

The highest possible remuneration is $1.00 per word.

  • Extra Crispy

The pieces might be based on the author’s opinion, a range of anecdotes, hilarious narratives, breakfast profiles, family recipes, and so on.

The primary emphasis is on the most essential meal of the day, or writing about breakfast.

  • Saveur

When contacting Saveur, it is essential that you include a brief overview of your article and how you intend to approach the writing.

The “pitch” should outline your strategy for experiencing the journey, eating, and subsequent reporting.

This food evaluation process costs $.30 per word.

Your unique anecdotes about your travels and the cuisines that you enjoyed would be the writing emphasis of someone looking to get paid for food reviews.

  • Bon Appetit

This is a significant magazine in terms of the love of food, accompanying stories, and storylines.

It is also stated that if the food critic is effective and popular with the publication, it may lead to more writing possibilities.

As with all submissions, it is critical to be familiar with and adhere to the guidelines.

Although payment rates for writers are not specified, the prospect of earning $.50 per word is mentioned.

  • Clean Eating

To retain the integrity of the food offered, the emphasis is on non-compromised food.

As demonstrated by the magazine’s focus, clean eating is not about eating specific foods when on a diet.

This magazine is about food that can be consumed in its original state and only employs natural flavours to enhance the taste and deliciousness of the dish.

  • Wine Enthusiast

If selected to submit writing, remuneration is flexible and contingent on the magazine accepting the idea. Don’t be put off by the title since this magazine is about more than just wine. It also includes exquisite food and travel stories.

By using this website, the freelance writer will be able to express their idea and how they want to write about their journey.

  • NPR The Salt

This magazine, published by National Public Radio, is a newsy journal with topics spanning from the growth of food on a farm to its arrival on the consumer’s plate.

A suggestion can be sent to the senior editor via email.

Submission fees range between $.20 and $.29.

Conclusion (Brief Takeaway)

The primary goal of a restaurant or food review is to transport the reader into the dining room and, through writing, experience the meal with the individual.

To ensure objectivity when writing a food review, the reviewer should not accept the food for free.

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