Get paid to deliver cars.


A particularly uncommon employment option is offered to someone who appreciates the open road, the excitement of travelling, and doesn’t mind the solitude of travelling long distances.

That job entails being paid to deliver automobiles, trucks, and recreational vehicles, as well as being paid to perform something they would do regardless of the income.

Companies that will pay you to deliver cars


  • Roadie

Roadie is an app-based service that allows you to drive vehicles from point A to point B.

In addition to carrying vehicles, Roadie allows users to utilise their car to deliver a variety of commodities, parcels, and other objects along with a number of routes.

To establish a possible working connection with Roadie, the user must first download the app and then register to see what options are available for using their automobile or moving a car.

  • Auto Dealerships

Online vehicle sales have become a popular option for people to purchase a new or used car.

After the contract has been signed, the vehicle must be delivered to the person who purchased it.

As a result, internet auto companies require individuals to drive the vehicle to the buyer’s location.

  • Auto Driveaway

This is one of the largest and most well-known transportation firms in North America.

Their sole function is to facilitate car transportation by utilising drivers to transport vehicles from one point to another.

The corporation has 40 locations across the United States, as well as in Canada, our neighbouring country.

The driver employed by Auto Driveaway is between the ages of 23 and 75. They must have a valid driving licence and a clean driving record in terms of citations and other potential problems.

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  • Toronto Drive Away

The states of California, Florida, and Arizona are among the places to which Toronto Driveaway transfers cars.

These are popular winter vacation destinations for persons who are known as snowbirds.

These people spend the winter months away from the severe Canadian winters, living in the sunny regions of the United States.

To be part of this company, the individual must be at least 30 years old and have a clean driving record.

Furthermore, they should not have a criminal record and should be allowed to freely pass the Canadian border into America.

This would necessitate the individual having a visa and a credit card for a deposit against their account and returning when the vehicle has been safely delivered.

  • J&J Driveaway systems

Truck relocation is another aspect of shifting cars from one site to another.

J&J Driveaway Systems is one such business.

This company specialises in moving one truck at a time and up to four trucks in a single load. This is performed through the decking process.

Moving emergency vehicles such as fire engines and ambulances is also covered in this unique category of vehicle transportation.

  • RV Driveaway Companies

Another way to get paid to drive a car is to drive a recreational vehicle.

RV Delivery is one such company that specialises in the transfer of recreational vehicles from one location to another. This company transports a variety of vehicles, including travel trailers, fifth wheels, and genuine RVs.

In addition to supplying a driver for the various jobs, this service provides up to $250,000 in motorhome insurance.

Fuel and potential tolls are also included as part of the package.

Things to Take Note of 


  • How Much Do Car Delivery Drivers Make?

An individual who drives as a car delivery employee can earn an hourly wage of $19 on average.

  • Who pays for the driver’s return trip?

The employing firm or individual who hired the driver should be responsible for this.


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