Games that give gift cards


There are several mobile game applications that allow you to win cash and gift cards, albeit the most of them have very limited prize potential and many contain a pay-to-play component that might cause you to lose money.

Standout Game Apps 

  • AppStation: AppStation provides a range of games and rewards you with “AppStation Coins” for playing them. Each game pays a different number of Coins every minute, which declines with time – until you can no longer gain money playing that game.


  • Big Time Games: Big Time is a game platform in which producers share their advertising revenue with game winners. There are several games to pick from, each with simple instructions to get you started.  Players earn tickets based on their performance in-game and can increase their winnings by collecting daily bonuses. Each ticket represents one entry into the app’s cash prize lottery. The more you play (and win), the better your chances of winning the pool.


  • Cashyy: Cashyy will reward you with virtual coins (each coin is worth roughly $0.001) if you download and play games and accomplish missions. When you have enough coins, you may exchange them for cash, gift cards, or Google Play credit.


  • Blackout Bingo: Blackout Bingo is extremely similar to the previously stated Bingo Clash. Points are awarded for speedy daubs, bingos, and bonuses, and points are deducted for inaccurate daubs and bingo calls.  Players earn “Ticketz,” a virtual money that may be cashed in for rewards, because Blackout Bingo is available on the Skillz platform. Earnings from Ticketz can be spread over all Skillz games. 


  • Cube Cube: Cube Cube is a Tetris-style game in which players use their puzzle skills to drag shapes on a board and put them together to clear rows before time or space runs out. This software is based on the Skillz platform and allows users to compete against other users for virtual currency (when playing free games) or cash prizes (when paying to play).


  • Wealth Words: With Wealth Words, you may compete for cash prizes by solving timed crossword puzzles and other brain games. To play the games, you must purchase tokens with cash up front. Increase your in-app earnings by referring friends.


  • Swagbucks Trivia: If you enjoy trivia, check out Swagbucks Trivia, a live (nearly) daily tournament. Each competitor answers ten questions. If you miss a question, you must wait until the next day to play. Anyone who properly answers all ten questions wins the daily pot, which can reach $1,000.  


  • Gamehag: Play several games to earn “Soul Gems” (the app’s in-game currency). Please keep in mind that your virtual award and level criteria differ every game. Writing articles (or analysing other people’s writing) will earn you more money. Your virtual earnings can be converted into credits for other gaming platforms, gift cards, or cryptocurrencies.


Other Gaming platforms 

  • Long Game By Truist: Residents of the United States can earn virtual coins by playing more than 50 different games, which can then be used to enter games with cash prizes. You must have a Truist bank account to play, and you earn your coins (necessary for game play) through real-life banking activities such as hitting a savings milestone or making a direct transfer.


  • Pool Payday: Pool Payday, a Skillz gaming platform software, offers gamers to play practise games in exchange for virtual currency. You can compete for cash prizes in head-to-head events and tournament-style brackets if you’re ready to put up some of your own money for entrance fees. 


  • Solitaire Cube: The goal of Solitaire Cube (a Skillz platform game) is to transfer all cards to the foundation stacks (the four piles in the upper left corner). Players gain points for making accurate actions and finishing a game quickly, but they lose points for cycling through their deck more than three times. 

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