Free shoes by mail.


It may appear to be a marketing ploy, but consumers have been receiving free trainers from major brands such as Nike and Adidas for years.

This programme is known as product testing, and it is frequently used as part of a company’s R&D process to collect input about a consumer’s preferences and reactions to a certain product.

Brands That Distribute Free Shoes Through the Mail

  • Brooks Running

Brooks Running provides runners with shoes, gear, and sports bras for real-world testing, which is added to their running research data and helps them improve on their existing products.

There are two categories of testers available: those who can be tested at the “lab” in Seattle, Washington, and those who can be tested anywhere in the United States.

Brooks Running will cover the cost of two-way shipping to and from your home, but you must agree to provide feedback and return the product when requested.


When Adidas launches a new study and selects participants from its database, you will receive an email informing you that you have been chosen to participate.

The invitation will include all other information.

Adidas will mail you your free shoes (or apparel) once you confirm your membership.

Read the directions. You’ll find out here if you need to return the shoes or keep them forever. Adidas typically needs you to take notes (for example, 1 hour jogging on September 18) and complete an online questionnaire at the end of an assignment.

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  • Reebok

Reebok boasts that they test footwear and apparel on REAL ATHLETES to ensure that they actually suit people’s athletic needs.

This is when you come into play.

Fill up details like shoe size, location, activity level, and so on if you’re physically active and wish to join the product testing programme for free shoes and apparel.

Product testing takes 3 to 6 weeks, but Reebok will request that you return the products after testing.

  • New Balance

To participate in the New Balance programme, enter your e-mail address and establish a profile so the firm can learn more about you.

When you submit the form, you will be included to the New Balance Tester Community database.

New Balance also bases their decisions on demographics and hobbies. If you are chosen, they will tell you first before mailing you a new prototype.

Go to your online profile, complete the task, and provide feedback.

You don’t always have to return the shoes.


  • Puma

Puma launched its beta tester programme for their self-lacing training shoe Fit Intelligence (Fi) in certain regions in April 2019. Because the FI training shoes were the first to be tested, expect more Puma product testing in the future.

  • Red Wing Shoes

Red Wing Shoes is looking for product testers who are interested in using their products in the “toughest, dirtiest, and hardest-working situations.”

The specifications change from time to time.

Those who qualify should fill out the application form on the side.

What’s great about Red Wing Shoes is that you can keep the boots after you’ve tried them on.

  • Under Armour

To join the current programme, you must qualify (based on your demographic and profile information), just like the other product testing methods on this list.

Joining the testing programme is free, however admission is limited.

If you are chosen, you must follow the instructions included in the package containing complimentary shoes.

There is no cash award here, and you must return the goods at the end of your test.

Simply enter your name and e-mail address, then complete your profile to join the Under Armour testing community.


If you are chosen to participate in any of these programmes, please provide honest feedback.

The brand needs your honesty in order to improve on the free sneakers you just tried on before the official release.

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