Best paying jobs in consumer non durables.



Non-durables are items that are eaten for personal use. There are numerous employment available in consumer non-durables, some of which are extremely well-paying. The food and cosmetics industries are often the most hiring in this field. Oil and gas also provides work in consumer non-durables.m

Top paying Jobs 


  • Quality Assurance Manager 

A Quality Assurance professional must also guarantee that the product meets federal and state requirements. Naturally, the profession necessitates a sharp eye for detail. Good communication skills are also required for the position. After all, this position requires you to collaborate with the Product Development and QA teams. They identify and set quality standards for items, and then test them.

  • Information Security Analyst

An Information Security Analyst’s job is to keep computer networks secure. Rising cybercrime figures play a significant function in the IT sector. This position involves identifying vulnerabilities, monitoring data transit, and educating teams on security. In this capacity, they also function as IT advisors to senior management.

To work in this capacity, one must have good analytical skills. They must also be competent to analyse computer systems and discover any flaws.

  • Creative Director 

A Creative Director must be proficient in both written and spoken communication. The position also necessitates strong project management abilities. After all, they are in charge of entire marketing initiatives, which necessitates strict adherence to deadlines. Creative Directors must also have the interpersonal skills to motivate other team members to be creative.

A Creative Director is in charge of supervising the entire creative team. They also evaluate marketing initiatives and make changes based on the results. Working with senior management to get campaigns approved is also part of their work.


  • Human Resources Manager 

This position’s responsibilities include hiring and training new employees, managing compensation, and ensuring business policy is followed. In other words, an HR Manager exists to bridge the gap between administration and labour. This function entails ensuring that the organisation has a talented staff capable of meeting the business’s demands.

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  • Digital Designer 

This is a new employment role in a changing industry. A Digital Designer transforms client ideas into practical results through great design. They work on a variety of media, from posters and banners to social media graphics. In today’s highly digitised environment, this function is even more important in any company.

To work in this profession, one must have a solid understanding of software design. It also goes without saying that creativity is required for success as a Digital Designer. This position is filled in a variety of industries.

  • Financial Analyst

This position requires reviewing previous performance and preparing reports. Naturally, this position necessitates strong financial planning abilities. Leadership and vision are also required to succeed in the role. After all, one must consider the budget.

This one is a hybrid of two massive industries. A Financial Analyst in Pharma evaluates the organization’s financial data. They collaborate with the business development teams to create growth strategies. An analyst also advises top management on how to maximise the return on investment.

  • Restaurant General Manager 

A Restaurant General Manager is in charge of the restaurant’s day-to-day operations. They oversee the workers and guarantee that the food and service are of high quality. Listening to and resolving customer issues is also a component of their job. They also decide the prices for menu items and manage the store’s finances.

  • Network engineer

Because of the digitalization of the business, network engineering, like information security analysis, is a booming employment in consumer non-durables. Network engineers can earn up to $7,000 per month on average, which is significantly more than the US minimum wage.


The consumer non-durables industry is one of the most rapidly growing in the United States.

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