Best paid survey apps to make money in India.


Not all survey sites pay. Some websites pay initially but eventually quit. Scam survey sites take your money instead of paying you. I’ve been a part of fraudster websites and don’t want you to waste your time on them.

Top Survey Apps 

  • ValuedOpinions 

Research Now, a market leader in online fieldwork, owns ValuedOpinions.  Following your registration with Valuedopinions, you will be requested to participate in numerous online surveys by email based on the interests you specify in your profile. For each normal survey you complete, you will receive INR 30 to INR 60. Within 28 days, the award will be paid to your ValuedOpinions account. The most shocking thing that happened to me was receiving an email with a Flipkart coupon and a PIN barely 5 minutes after submitting the redemption request.


  • Streetbees 

Another legitimate survey app headquartered in London is Streetbees. As soon as you sign up, you will receive 50 Rupees as a sign-up bonus, which will be paid to your PayPal account without the need for a manual withdrawal request. On Streetbees, surveys are called stories, and they may be completed in 5 minutes and submitted for approval. When a submitted article or survey is accepted, the survey cash is automatically deposited to your PayPal account. You may not receive regular surveys, but you can ask your friends to participate. You will receive 50 Rupees for each friend.  They will ask you for your PayPal email address at the end of the first activity.


  • Toluna

One of my favourite survey sites is It functions more like a social networking site in that you can follow individuals, they can follow you back, and you can even post notes on their wall. You can express yourself on their website by generating polls and themes. Toluna has been quite constant in terms of both payment and survey provision. Toluna offers three types of earning opportunities. 

  • The Panel Station 

According to their about us page, Panel Station is a diverse community of over 1.4 million consumers from the world’s fastest-growing economies, including India, Brazil, Russia, China, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Indonesia, Turkey, the Philippines, Poland, South Korea, Taiwan, Chile, Nigeria, New Zealand, Colombia, Australia, Singapore, and Thailand.

  • OpinionBureau 

OpinionBureau is an online survey community website that allows you to voice your opinion and earn money by taking an online survey. According to their website’s about us page, their website is owned and run by Internet Research Bureau Pvt. Ltd. (“IRB”), which was founded in 2011 in New Delhi (India). Typically, you will not receive survey invites in your mailbox; instead, you must explicitly log in to their website to view available surveys.

They will normally pay you 50-400INR for each survey you qualify for and complete. The minimum amount redeemable is INR 250. You will receive INR 100 for simply signing up and INR 25 for completing your profile.

  • iPanelOnline 

iPanel is an Asian professional online sample collection company for market research that is recognised among the top ten sample companies in the world. For each survey you complete, you will receive points ranging from 1 to 100, with 1 point equaling 1 INR.  You get 1 point per day just for logging in, and another 1 point for sharing your one-line comment. Every week, they also hold a unique lucky draw.


Participating in survey websites is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You must be patient, especially if you are from India, because you will not be required to complete surveys all of the time. Most credible survey sites are only available to citizens of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. International users get access to only a few websites.

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