Best paid survey apps to make money in Australia.


Many trustworthy survey sites that you may already be familiar with provide a quick survey app. However, if you’re new to taking surveys for money and want to know which are the best money earning applications Australia has to offer, this is the guide for you.

Top Survey Apps 

  • IRi Shopper Panel 

While not necessarily one of the best survey apps for money, IRi Shopper Panel is unquestionably the finest app for scanning your shopping and getting paid in Australia. Earning money with this app may be easier for some people than doing surveys.

You’ll earn points for scanning your purchases, which you can then redeem for a variety of gifts from their gift catalogue.

  • Swagbucks 

While Swagbucks is a famous site and survey paying software, you can also earn points by booking hotels, shopping online, and even getting paid to watch videos online Australia.

This is one of the best survey apps available. Completing your profile completely from the start, like with any of the finest paying survey applications, will set you up for success. There are numerous methods for earning points.

  •  Opinion Bureau

Opinion Bureau is a top-paying survey app that pays you to share your views and opinions on a variety of products and services you use every day. Whereas other apps that pay you to take surveys use a points system, Opinion Bureau pays you real money for surveys. Opinion Bureau Australia, like other survey money applications, provides surveys on the go.

  • Nielsen Mobile 

After you’ve downloaded the app, it’s simple to use. Simply scan the barcodes of anything you buy to earn points. There are also a variety of other ways to earn points, such as monthly prize draws for up to 1000 points, short surveys for 60 points, and even points for your birthday and anniversaries.

  • Octopus Group. 

Because Octopus Group is one of the greatest paid survey applications, you must act quickly because their polls do not stay long. This is why survey applications are so useful: you can do the survey on the go, wherever you are. 

Octopus Group employs a straightforward dollar-based incentive system, so you’ll always know how much you’ve earned.


  • Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie, which was launched in Los Angeles, California in 2013, presently has over 3 million users worldwide. Survey Junkie, which was founded in 2013, is one of the most popular survey sites on the internet. Each time you complete a survey, you will be awarded a set number of points. Depending on the length of the questionnaire, it can take anywhere from 3 minutes to 30 minutes to complete. Essentially, each survey has a different set of payments linked with it.

  • YouGov 

Interesting survey subjects include your thoughts on major retail brands, breaking news, and items you’ve seen on TV.

You may only redeem your points for cash through YouGov. This is fantastic, but you must have accumulated at least 5000 online survey app points, which you may then cash in for $50. YouGov is another website that offers one of the top survey apps for making money.


  • Rewardia

In addition to paid surveys for Australians, Rewardia offers monetary rewards for watching films, playing online games, and keeping diaries. To keep your account active, you can earn money by introducing family members or utilising promotional coupons provided by Rewardia on social media. Rewardia understands the value of loyalty and offers many degrees of membership as you advance through the ranks. We’d want to see more companies in the internet market research industry take this strategy.


Another advantage of using apps to generate money in Australia is that you can take surveys whenever and anywhere you choose – as long as you have your smartphone with you.


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